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Pay from the heart allows you to make a contribution to our work at a price that is comfortable for you based on how you value it and what is realistic in your life.

Thank you for reflecting and taking part of the revolution of Pay From The Heart Consciousness!

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It is our hope that women all around the globe with any financial means can enjoy and benefit deeply from Birthing Mama® Prenatal Yoga and Wellness. In exchange for your lifetime subscription, we ask you to make a payment in the amount that you personally value this program for/what you feel called or able to contribute.  You are also welcome to subscribe to the program and come back at a later time to contribute by visiting the purple bar at the top of the screen.

We deeply appreciate any amount.  

Just as we hope to positively influence the paradigm of the birthing culture, we also hope to shed some light unto the paradigm of consumerism.  What we are asking for in exchange for our program is not a common practice (in fact we originally charged $168) but we offer this to enable more women of all economic backgrounds to benefit from Birthing Mama and as a way of experimenting with the Gift Economy (where a person gives the financial contribution or other form of trade that is truly right for them).  It involves trust.  Our world needs more trust.  Our world needs more love, compassion, generosity, kindness and spiritual connection too.  So here's to embodying all these qualities to become a more awakened and unified world!

All payments go towards keeping Birthing Mama's Prenatal Yoga and Wellness Online Program up and running, paying off the many costs we acquired to create her and towards scholarships for our yearly Birthing Mama® 90 Hr Prenatal Yoga and Wellness Teacher Training.

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